Sri Ramajaeyam Bitumen Construction Company is renowned for its bituminous road construction in the city of Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Owing to our expertise, we have had the option to offer our clients a quality-guaranteed scope of services in varied specifications. Inferable from the following reasons, we have had the option to outshine others in this highly competitive market:.

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Bitumen road construction Company in Chennai comprises different steps, for example, the arrangement of base course, use of bituminous coat, the situation of the bituminous blend, rolling and check for quality, etc which are examined.

Steps in Bituminous Road Construction company in Tamilnadu

1. Preparation of the current base course layer

The current surface is set up by expelling the pot openings or rust if any. The irregularities are filled in with premix chippings almost seven days before laying surface course. If the current asphalt is incredibly way, a bituminous leveling course of satisfactory thickness is given to lay a bituminous concrete surface course on a cover course rather than directly laying it on a WBM.

2. Use of Tuck Coat

It is alluring to lay the AC layer over a bituminous base or folio course. A tack layer of bitumen is applied at 6.0 to 7.5 kg per 10 sq.m areas, this amount might be expanded to 7.5 to 10 kg for a non-bituminous base.

3. Arrangement and setting of Premix

The premix is set up in a hot blend plant of a necessary limit in with the ideal quality control. The bitumen might be warmed up to 150 – 177 deg C and the total temperature ought not to contrast by more than 14 deg C from the binder temperature.

The hot blended material is gathered from the mixture by the transporters, carried to the area is spread by a mechanical paver at a temperature of 121 to 163 deg C. the camber and the thickness of the layer are precisely verified.

The control of the temperatures during the blending and the compaction is of incredible centrality in the strength of the resulting pavement structure.

4. Rolling

In Srrc Bituminous road construction company in chennai we do a blend after it is set on the base course is altogether compacted by rolling at a speed not more than 5km every hour. The underlying or separate rolling is finished by 8 to 12 tons roller and the transitional moving is finished with a fixed wheel pneumatic roller of 15 to 30 tons having a tire pressure of 7kg per The wheels of the roller need to keep damp with water during rolling process.

The quantity of passes required relies upon the thickness of the layer. In warm climate rolling on the next day, assists with expanding the thickness of the initial rolling were not satisfactory. The last rolling or completing is finished by 8 to 10-ton couple roller.

5. Quality control of bituminous concrete construction in Chennai

The normal checks are carried at the site to guarantee the nature of the subsequent asphalt blend and the asphalt surface.

Periodical checks are made for:

  • a) Aggregate evaluating
  • b) Grade of bitumen
  • c) The temperature of the total
  • d) The temperature of the paving mix during blending and compaction.

6. Finished Surface

The AC surface ought to be checked by a 3.0 m straight edge. The longitudinal undulations ought not to surpass 8.0 mm and the number of undulations higher than 6.0 mm ought not to surpass 10 of a length of 300 m. The cross-traffic profile ought not to have undulations surpassing 4.0mm.

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