Being the leading entity in the field of Tar road construction company in Chennai, we can provide remarkable tar road construction services for the benefactors. These road work contractor services are rendered using advanced tools and modern machinery. Our construction services are figured for their practicality, productivity, adaptability, cost-viability, durability, and solidness. We have undertaken many contracts for the construction of roads, national highways, public roadways, and so on.

Advantages of Tar Road

  • RECYCLABLE - The bitumen used, can be used again by melting.
  • ECONOMICAL - It is less costly as compared to the concrete ones, and takes less time to build. It also gets dries faster.
  • EASY MAINTENANCE- The damaged part can be repaired easily. Can be relayered over the old layer.
  • SAFE -It provides better skid resistance than concrete roads.

The life of a road structure depends on the quality of its maintenance and minor renovation. Sri Ramajayem TAR Road Construction Company maintains and keeps the roadway safe, provides good driving conditions, and prolongs the life of the pavement, thus protecting the road investment. We cover the activities concerned with the condition of the pavement, shoulders, drainage, traffic facilities, and right-of-way. It includes the prompt sealing of cracks and filling of potholes to prevent water from entering through the surface, the removal of trash thrown on the wayside by the traveling public, and the care of pavement markings, signs, and signals. In rigorous winter climates, substantial effort is required to remove snow and ice from the pavement, to scatter salt for snow and ice removal, and to spread sand for better traction.